Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Individual & the Environment

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Please look at the following short clips and websites/texts and let the rest of us know what you think of them - and how you are planning to integrate your new knowledge into your daily life.

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Here the links:

1) The Story of Stuff Project

a) The Story of Stuff:

b) The Story of Change:

c) The Story of Electronics:

d) The Story of Bottled Water:

The Story of Stuff Project Website:

2) Climate Change

a) NBC News: Was Sandy a Warning:

b) Bill McKibben: Global Warming's Terrifying New Math:

c) Al Gore Warns on Latest Climate Trends (Talk - 2009):


  1. Al Gore is all right about his presentation.Although Earth is present for all people we cannot know it's real .value.and we pollute it. However I am curious about that if Al Gore was elected by people as a president, What would he do? Because USA and China are most dangerous countries for environment in the world.So I think, if he became president he would not do anything about global warming.

  2. From what I saw the videos and article, global warming is becoming increasingly a subject present in the news. Fire disaster, floods, and hurricanes are occurring more frequently and worse. How Al Gore showed us, the volume of some rivers is already increasing dramatically and soon the graph mostado by Chris Hayes will be real.
    I assume that have not tried to find out news about Rio +20, but I have seen comments my friends did. It seems this meeting just showed that the situation is only getting worse and the government had not taken many steps during those 20 years.
    Global warming needs to be further discussed and providences must be taken so that there is at least a slowdown. Governments need to arrange a way to decrease the burning of fossil fuels.
    The population need to be better informed and prevent the maximum pollution of rivers (because the amount of potable water is also decreasing), deforestation, and fire disasters.

  3. In these days, there are a lot of environmental problems. In video, they criticize our consumption patterns. We change our stuff for new ones too easily. It is the problems of consumers, but I think it could be a blame fault of company. They use aggressive advertising to customers, so they solicit customers to buy their products. Today, new words appear called “early adapter”. It means the people who use a new product first. Then where do the old stuffs, which early adapter had, go? Now, I think we have to more participate in protecting environmental problems. The earth keeps signing to us. We have to recognize it!

  4. Hi Viren, Elisane, and Hyu Jin,

    Very interesting contributions! Thank you!


  5. The first time i saw the video about "The story of Stuff" i was impacted. I think you never actually realize what is behind consumption. I remember our business professor asked us whether we would prefer doing business taking care of the environment or doing it without having any environmental remorse. Of course I would rather be part of a business that takes care of the environment. I think people dont realize that they will not have any business if there is no living space. What is the point of continuing harming the environment then? The best we can do is create awareness, and I am very happy with the incentives that school promotes about recycling.

  6. The story of stuff was a very eye opening thought provoking documentary that showed us how consumerism has taken over the world that we live in. We are so consumed with buying new products, but are unaware of the lethal impacts that our habits have placed on our ecological system. We buy and consume without paying attention to how much we are damaging the environment, and this goes to show us how consumed we have become with material goods, which dominate our lives today, such as our mobile phones and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. This is directly related to what we witnessed in Curtis' the Happiness Machine, were the masses were manipulated into consumerism. If we fail to take care of our environment, we will be headed into self destruction, were evidence of global warming and such disasters are taking place before our eyes. It is time for us to take responsibility.

    What we can is contribute to any environment related initiative, whether that is by starting to recycle, or any other form of participation will be greatly appreciated by our environment.