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Reflections on the Individual - Your Topics

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  1. Individual on Perspective in works of Sigmund Freud

    I am going to talk about Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalysis, and his theories. For better or worse we live in a world profoundly affected by Sigmund Freud. He was born in 1850's. He spend most of his life in Vienna, Austria. But he died in London. He is not known for any of the famous discovery. Through out his life he was the man of extra-ordinary energy, and productivity. He was up for the noble prize in medicine, and in literature, but didn't have any one of it. Because of Albert Einstein's denial. He was a cocaine drug addict. He was not of good character. He was often disliked, and hated. He was identified as a Jew who was insulting his religion. He developed a notorious theory of penis envy. It is about female, and every female has gone through it. They lack the penis as you one had a penis, but somebody had taken it from you. They reject the mother because of penis lack, but they are attracted towards the father because of his penis replacement. Unconscious motivation, which is his 2nd best work. Their desires involved in your behaviors, which you are not even aware of it. There are three distinct processes going on in your head, which are Id, Ego, and Super-ego. Id= it is present from your birth. Eat, drink,poop, sexual desires. It wants immediate pleasures, and it wants it now. Polymorphic pleasure, it is very stupid. Ego= the self.It works on the reality principle, how to satisfy your pleasure or how to give up on it. Super-ego= internalize rules of the society, satisfy your desires, but you are punish for it. The little angels on your head, which tells you things. It is also stupid. There are two creature involved on top of your head. Theory of child development, there are 5 stages in personality development.
    The oral stage= Is everything sucking or licking. The oral person eats a lot, and chew gums or smoke a lot.
    Anal stage= if toilet training is not handled properly. The problem is that he is anal. They are compulsive, they are stingy.
    The mythical story of the son who killed his father, and married his mother. According to Freud this happens to all of us. When you are in the phallic stage you seek to be in satisfaction. But only mom is the one who is satisfying you with the desires. The homosexual desires, the lust , people looking at you in a lusting manner. The man who are obsessed with sexual desire with other man. They cry, they suck their thumb. The problem of Psychoanalysis, the key notions of it is that you are hiding something from it. He had a lot to say about dreams, the hidden implication of the dream Every dream you had, it has symbolism. Freud believed that literature, the stories to tell, the struggle. He also had a lot to say about religion, seeking out for a father figure.

  2. my topic is describe my philosophy of the self.
    i am thinking there are three main point of my idea: feeling, thoughts, identity or definition.
    First is feeling. We are a human being, we have our own feelings, happy or sad, which is the emotion part of us, as important as the physical part. Even animals have feeling, so of course people have feelings.
    Second, we have thoughts, everyone has their own thoughts, is unique and can not taken by others. There are not two identical leaves in the world, so do our thoughts. Our thoughts lead what we say and act. The word we say and what we do is the standard that other's definition of us. So this comes up to my third part.
    Third part is our identity or definition. For instance, when someone ask you who are you, the answer that comes in your mind maybe is your name, which is gave by your parents. Our life is combine of a lots of different parts, family, society and friends etc. All this makes me me.
    Freud's idea have enlightened me. The "Id", "Ego" and "Super-ego".
    Sometimes our id wants to do something because our nature needs and desire, maybe it’s not moral, not correct. Then our super-ego will stop us; make us to follow the rule and moral. The perpetrator is the people who don’t have the power of to control themselves, don’t have the power of super-ego, the criminal just follow their id. The thought of us is our thoughts; it will affect our actions and words. What others think we are is depends what we do. Our action and words are the standard that other defines you. So it’s the way of the thoughts, words and actions defining who I am.

  3. My topic to fucus on the Concept of Dependent Origination and the Six Principles of Cordiality in the Definition of the Individual within Buddhist Belief Systems

    The concept of Dependent Origination and the Six Principles of Cordiality that create a type of interdependent view of property and the self through Buddhist belief systems.
    The Buddhist philosophy provides an important insight into the natural observations that dictate the reality of cooperation and interdependence that exist in human communities. Therefore, the idea of “ownership” is gone and the follower comes to realize a higher sense of self through an interdependent view of the world. Through the idea of ceasing to desire for material objective gain is one way in the idea of interdependence becomes the fulcrum of a selfless sense of participation in a holistic view. Buddha himself taught these values through certain analogies that define Dependant Origination:
    An example used by the Buddha Himself. The Buddha has said the flame in an oil lamp burns dependent upon the oil and the wick. When the oil and the wick are present, the flame in an oil lamp burns. If either of these is absent, the flame will cease to burn (“Fundamentals of Buddhism” para.3).

    The Six Principles of Cordiality are important rules of conduct that define the importance of (1) Maintaining bodily acts of loving-kindness, (2) Maintaining verbal acts of loving-kindness, (3) Maintaining mental acts of loving kindness, (4) using things in the common good with virtuous companions through the Dharma, (5) using the ideas of noble behavior and liberating consciousness with virtuous companions, and (6) destroying the presence of suffering amongst companions. These rules of conduct help to define the dissolution of the individual by acknowledging the interdependence of the Four Noble Truths in relation to unity in Nature.

    Through the concept of Dependent Origination, Buddha had envisioned a naturalistic understanding of phenomenon (the wick and the flame) that define the interdependent reality of human relationships. In this form of causality, no one can really be an individual or own private property because Nature is an interdependent phenomenon. While suffering and desire can create the illusion of selfishness and individualism, it essentially a barrier to enlightenment.

  4. I want to talk about perspective, looking at the history. In Class, we learned many literary works related to holocaust. During World WarⅡ, there are a lot of compulsory labors and holocaust in Germany. But, Recently, Germans turn the concentration camp into museum to keep remembering their fault.
    Still today, German presidents and prime ministers apologize their behaviors and compensate for damage, and German goverment and companies raise money for foundation which is called "Memory, responsibility, and future." Through the foundation, they try to take responsibility for ethical compensation.
    Also, there are campaign which is called "Tridem rally". German, French and polish young people travel historical site together from Paris to Warszawa in order to know the history correctly. It called "Tridem rally." For 14 days, two people ride one car together, and then back to position as attacker and victims. The aim of Tridem rally is forgiveness, reconciliation and finding common future. It is meaningful that German young people recognize their country's fault and regret about it.

    Another case is about Lithuania that also has tragic history. Lituania was under Russia. But Lituanians turn their tragic history into enjoyment. They also turn Russian KGB head office into museum to let young people know the history.
    When Lithuania separated from Russia, they gathered statue of Russian leaders in Gruuthuse Park. They set statue in park with security camera. That is the way of idea that they monitor Russian leaders inversely.
    I think those places are playing a big role of educatiion for growing generation. Germany and Lithuania both reveal darkness of history, not hiding. Actually, their history is not a source of pride, but they try to inform their tragic history using their own way. I think it is really attractive that they deal with tragic history wisely.

    In literature, many authors reproduce past historical damage, I think that it is the way of attempt to change the world rather than denouncing in public.

  5. My research paper was about the perspective of the individual in Christianity. I chose this topic because being a Christian is part of my religion. However, I wanted to investigate the perspective on fanatics and non-believers. I found out interesting facts about both perspectives and I would like to share them with you.

    First of all, Christianity is one of the world’s major monotheistic religions, and Christians believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings . The three main branches of Christianity are Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and Anglican. Jesus Christ is known as God’s son who was sent for the sake of human being’s sins. Christians believe that Jesus Christ still lives among them today, and through him they will be saved when the end of the world comes. God’s power was projected in Jesus’s journey on earth. Therefore, Christians now practice joyfully his teachings in order to be good sons in the eyes of God. Their religion is one of the most powerful and influential around the world.

    A Christian fanatic is one who cannot change his mind and will not change the subject about Jesus Christ’s teachings while an actively involved Christian is the one who regularly follows the Christian beliefs without being judged as an extremist. Christian fanatic practices have been considered extremist due to the conflict they have with civilization. Pastors and preachers transmit their knowledge about the Bible to their followers. Usually they provide a literal translation of the Bible’s scriptures. However, their interpretation is not necessarily the correct one about Jesus Christ’s lessons.

    On the other hand, non-believers are people who do not agree with the rigorous Christian set of beliefs and behaviors. They are not atheist, but they do not support the Christian beliefs as opposed to Christian fanatics. These people tend to find a spiritual peace of mind instead of getting to involved in religion. Non-believers support the fact that religion needs to evolve according to the development of human beings.

    I believe every religion needs to be respected according to its values, but the individual will always find flaws on religion. We need to stay true to what we already believe. Our perspective might become broaden, but the essence will remain the same.

  6. My research paper topic is the handmaid’s tale. This novel’s author is Margaret Atwood who is really famous Canadian novelist as a feminist. Also this novel is based on feminism; the feminism definition is belief in the social, political and economic equality of the sex. However, in the novel, the sex is not equal, because the society is established by men who only can control the power, as well as Giliard is controlled by patriarchy and bible, so only man can read the bible. Because of the power, women are separated by several groups such as handmaid, aunt, wife and servant. Excluding handmaids, the other groups of woman are jealous of handmaids and they keep watching what they are doing. Even between handmaids, they do not trust each other. Therefore, they do not have any a sense of solidarity. Also, when Offered goes to Commander's house, she has 3 chances to have sex with Commander. Even though she does not want to do, her action is controlled by the other people, even same gender who is Serena, she send her to have sex with Commader's driver.
    In a patriarchal society, men usually blame feminist as enemy of women is women. But in my opinion, the comment is their excuse. Moreover, women also have to do something for getting their right and to be equal with men. Also, I have though if I am Offred, what I do act; I might run away from the society, and try to find my right as a woman.

  7. My research paper is about Taoism. It is a traditional Chinese religious and philosophy of living harmony with the nature. The main theme of Taoism is the way of non-doing and non-acting when being in a society, respecting inborn ability, and following the principles in nature to live a health life. In order to understand Taoism, I also looked into the philosophy of the founder of Taoism Lao Tzu, and the philosophy of Chuang Tzu who brings Lao Tzu’s idea further. Then study the non-doing and non-acting in Taoism, and understand why Taoists do not like living in the society. Finally, learn the rules of Taoism with relate to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and known the relationship between four seasons and five flavors so to reach a healthy long-living life.

    Taoism respects in our inborn ability, and do not like the influence of society is similar to Freud’s theory about ego. Inborn ability is as what Freud suggested Id, which is the most natural and original form of us. Whereas rules and requirements in the society is as what Freud suggested superego, and they restrict our inborn ability. However, all these come together to make us that’s the ego form of ourselves. This also reminds me of the video we’ve watched in class, the “story of stuff”. It says that all the information we get every day is to make us feel bad, so we go and try to fill the society’s needs. That’s same as Taoism suggested we been influenced too much by the society, and forget what we really need.

  8. Hello guys,

    My topic is about Thomas King, and I am focus on two stories from his book called "One Good Story, That One".
    In “A Coyote Columbus Story,” Old Coyote loved to play ball with his friends, the Indians, but whenever they played, he always worn the game. The Indians lost in every game because old Coyote would twist the rules of the game to suite him. After several rounds, the Indian give up with the reason being they have gotten better thing to do Some of them went fishing, some fishing, some went to the movies and some on vacations (King, 122). Coyote has no friends to play ball with thinks of changing the rules and the songs and dances. He comes up with an invention of making ships, people on the ships, and people on the beach. Coincidentally, one of people with flags and in funny clothes and stuff is Christopher Columbus. Old Coyote approaches Christopher Columbus while dancing and singing the human race into being hoping the explorers had interest in playing ball with her. Unfortunately, Columbus and his friends were interested in something else Thomas king writes, “Columbus and his pals have jobs to do...We have to locate China”. We have to find stuff we can trade.” When Columbus and his team fail to find portable color televisions, gold, home computers, or silk clothes, they choose to enchain and trade the Indians. Coyote is not able to repair her conjuring fault to save her friends.( A Coyote Columbus Story) (www.fuculity.law.ubc.ca)
    In one of the stories “Borders,” a woman on the way to pay a visit to her daughter living in Salt Lake City must face the significance of identity when she identifies her ethnic group as Blackfoot. She is faced with challenges at the border by both the American and Canadian border patrol. Her firmness, conceit, and the aid of a TV reporter crew widen the perception of individuality and their citizenship. Thomas King not only point out about unlawful border crossings as illustrated in the Coyote Columbus story, but write on the immigration policies and the integration fundamental requirements of the boarders. The border patrol police confront the woman, and she is required to declare her identity, and because of her pride she declines and returns to her country. On arrival at the Canadian border, she is faced with a similar problem and its mandatory that she must affirms her Canadian citizenship. The story covers a number of issues that include memories, question of individuality and language, children and mothers, and their origin.
    I choose Thomas King because I like the way he judges the world, and it brings me a lot of thought.



  9. Individual on perspective in works of The Handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood and Animal Farm by George Orwell

    I think the most important thing to life is to believe in ownself, this will lead to the secret of success in individuals. If we do not believe in ourself, we will not have our own identity; we will be living under others' expectation. The world is behaving the way of how we act and feel in our mind. The reality today is not equally divided, people may say things behind your back, may see you as a joke or may use you, but that only thing that can make us important is to believe in ourselves. Seems Life is always with a lots of uncertainly, nothing can be guarantee for what is right, as long as we have the courage to face, to accept and to overcome, this will decide on the value of our own life and this is how life is constitutes.

    The two books that I studied for my research paper'The Handmaid's tale' by Margaret Atwood and 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell bring out the theme of power misuse and exploitation. In today’s society, even though women have their right and equality, we are still living in a patriarchal society. Offred in 'The Handmaid's tale' is a handmaid who is forced to bear children for the barren couple. She remembered her past details but she dared not to mention it because this could lead to more physical cruelty, this is a good example that she is scared to fight to the society. Even her inner character is strong and independent, but she didn’t believe in her ownself that she can fight to the society. Another example, that can be seen in the novel Animal Farm is Cover (female horse), she is a motherly figure and a companion to boxer. She is not very intelligent since she could not read but understands that the government is lying on the policies. When Muriel read to her the seven commands she was quick to notice the alterations. Although she sees the incongruities in the government policies she lacks the courage to bring revolution. She is representative of the group that understands the government has corrupt deals with nothing to do to change the situation. The goals of each character in the two books represent the modern society in various ways. Some of the characters behaviors do not depict their true self. For example, Napoleon and the commander were dictators, whose inner life and thoughts does not compare with their behaviors since they acted as though they were good and were helpers of others, while inside they were traitors and oppressors for their own benefit. Serena Joy behaved as though she was bringing changes whereas she used her position to exploit the hand maids.

    Mei Han Hsu