Saturday, 27 July 2013

So What Is the Individual?

Hi All,

After reading and listening to what others have said about the individual - and after writing about various perspectives on the individual yourself - I would like to invite you to rethink our original questions.

These original questions were:

1. Who am I?
2. What do I want to do with my life to make it meaningful?
3. How can I use my specific skills, talents, preferences, and character traits to help others and to make a positive difference in the world?

Perhaps the following three visual "maps" will help you get started:

Or try thinking about the topic by finishing the following sentences to create true (and truthful) sentences:

The world is ...
-> please write at least 3 sentences that you think are true about the world                                       

Like everybody in my circle of friends/ community, I am ...                  
 -> please name 3 characteristics that you share with many of your friends and/or with the majority of the people in your community

Unlike everybody else in my circle of friends/community, I am              
-> please name 3 characteristics that you don't share with the majority of your friends or with the majority of other members of your community

My greatest strengths are    
-> please list 3 or more                          

My greatest weaknesses are                        
-> please name at least 3

When I was 5 I was/ could …

When I was 8 I was/ could …

When I was 10 I was/ could …

When I was 12 I was/ could …

When I was 15 I was/ could …

Now I am/can  …

In 5 years I will be (able to)  …

In 10 years I will  be (able to) …

I really love the following  [gifts/ qualities/ people/ animals/ activities/ opportunities/ etc]                                                              
-> name as many as you like but at least 10

I am grateful in particular for the following 5 (or more) gifts:             
I would like to learn in particular the following 5 skills:                        

What is it that has changed in my life?

What in my life has remained the same?

What is it that makes me me?

Who am I – and who have I always been and will always be?

Enjoy exploring yourself - and then using your insights to find your special path!

Thanks for a wonderful term!


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