Thursday, 20 September 2012

Taking Responsibility

Dear All,

We have talked about the fact that it is our job as "educated" people to take responsibility for our world and to do whatever is in our power - and there is much that IS in our power - to make it a better place for all.

I would therefore like to invite you all to share your ideas about what you, as an individual, will do to take responsibility for this planet.

Since tomorrow, Friday, September 21st, is international Peace Day, I would also like to invite you to think about what you can do during the next weeks and months to create more peace in this world. We will have another FDU Peace Day coming up on November 23rd, and I hope that many of you will contribute and help spread peace in all areas of life.

If you would like some additional information about International Peace Day, here some links:

And for those of you who are new to FDU Vancouver and would like to know what we did for our previous FDU Peace Days, please check out the following website:

Please share your projects and ideas about creating more peace as well as about taking responsibility in this world with the rest of us!

Thank you!



  1. I believe that todays life style is degrading the very essentials of a healthy community by promoting individuality. in todays world every man is for himself.
    I would seek restoring our fundamentals of "one for all and all for one" by bounding the community i live in. Making a bi-weekly potluck in my neighborhood so that people could mingle together and become bonded to each other.

  2. Hi all,

    I would like to share my experience in the peace day. As i said to professor, I called my frineds from China, and i said that i hope them do not do bad things to the Japanese. As you all know, China and Japaese has a really hard time right now because of a land. However, I believe it is a government things. We should not do bad things to Japanese people. My friends agree with me, and they said that they can tell more people.


  3. Hi, Friends,
    Rise of the Course-1101:Cultural Relaxation

    In India, the biggest problem is regarding the educational factor. Majority of the students practically lacks the exposure towards the situations based in real life-style. Especially the large volume of students coming in bulk to the western countries are the worst sufferer. Due to our strong cultural background, and staunch beliefs, it is very difficult for us to adapt the fast paced/ logical life style. Moreover, the type of fantasies, and benefits showed in the Hollywood films back in India, changes the overall perception of the perspective students. However, when people tend to get offended due to their traditional behavioral practices or habits, they tend to take it in a form of rage, and get furious. Conclusively,in result which demotivate them to look into the brighter side of the life, and end up looking things in a whole negative prospect. Overall, the society equally pressurize them to continue follow the odd path,( negative side) which includes severe stereotyping.

    Looking into the positive side, if given chance, I like to request all the institutions to appoint a instructor, who is highly qualified, and a expert in terms of dealing with situation of cultural crises. In result, ones communication skills will improved, and feel comfortable in communicating with other ethnic groups. Moreover, I would also like to make a request to limit the number of students from the same community (country) in a institution to keep the ambiance cool, multicultural, and unbiased.

  4. Hi all! :)

    I think not on the Peace day, but everyday we should Practice Peace! :) We should look around us and see who needs help, who needs some support and educate ourselves and the others about the importance of some values. This include respect, love and friendship!

  5. I think most of us have misunderstand peace. Peace is what you have inside us not the outside. I believe that peace is on us inside such as love and respect to each other; no matter what colour we have or where we come from. My advice to my self first and to all of you is that we need to have peace on yourself and then spread it to the people around you. God bless all of us!

  6. We live in our society with many other people. People’s perspective is all different and we have to integrate to live peacefully. If we make the state, the citizen can have power and the society have responsibility to change the system.

  7. Hello Mohammed, Andy, Viren, Mariella, Moh, and Hyo Jin,

    Excellent comments! Thousand thanks for sharing!


  8. Today we are living in the world without peace. people are living for their own goods.Human nature is always the factor of whether there is war or peace. Leaders change in politics, and then cultures have different values, and ways of doing things. Even if the majority of people get along there is always a few that stir the pot and always will be. So just when you think you have peace, something will change, dynamics change, economies change. Neighbors in the same towns can't get along all the time, and there is always a contest for dominance. Even in marriage there is a vying for control or power over the other until there is compromise or divorce. So peace is not possible in today's world.