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What the Bleep Do We Know? - A New View of Reality - and the Self

What the Bleep Do We Know and its continuation Down the Rabbit Hole show a radically new way of perceiving and interacting with the world. In fact, the change is so dramatic that it has been called a shift in paradigm.

Please think about the impact that this shift has for all of us and for our perspective(s) on the individual.

Here some of the relevant links:

What the Bleep Do We Know? - the original movie:

What the Bleep - Down the Rabbit Hole - slightly expanded version; includes intro about science & spirituality:

alternative link:

Bleep website: 

Other links of relevance to this topic:

Deepak Chopra: Down the Rabbit Hole - Beyond the Matrix (only a bit over 2 minutes!):
see also:

And if you would like to get an easy-to-understand intro to Quantum Mechanics, please click on the following link:
and if you want more:

... and here some consequences that this new science has for our view of the self:

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  1. In, this movie "What the Bleep do we know?" It reveals the uncertain world of the quantum field hidden behind what we consider to be our normal, waking reality. Moreover,I personally feel like a different man after watching this movie; boosting my inner self-confidence in life. The movie also over-rules the beliefs pertaining to false suppression. However, it help us to conquer our fears, gain wisdom, and learn to relax into the experiences. Certainly the things tend to be noticed, the way we want to be. Conclusively, it means that we are the part of our own imaginations. We gain the ultimate power of the self; the power of freedom.

  2. In the movie "What the Bleep do we know" we can definitely see how the self changes according to the experiences that the human being have. The example in the movie is the lady that in the beginning appears as being someone very unsatisfied with her life and routine. During the movie we can notice that she has some traumas from what happened in her ex marriage (her husband was cheating on her) and also she seems to be very bored with her everyday routine - she is a photographer.
    The protagonist meets different people during the movie, people that shows her another side of the reality and of the experience, a side that sometimes our self is completely not aware of. An example of that is when she meets the little boy playing basketball and he talks about the reality to her and all the possibilities that are opened that she don't see. Also, when in the subway, she notices a presentation about how the water changes due to some different experiences and kept that information in her mind. In the end of the movie, she goes to a wedding (to work) and faces all her traumas of the past. Facing her traumas and being a little more open to the world that is in front of her she realizes that she can get over it and gives life a change, to be happy. She meets a guy and starts going out with him, she seems to be more satisfied with her job and in her life.
    During the movie we can also see some thinkers talking about the Quantum Theory and the perception of the world that we are most of the time alienated of. Our self is alienated in captive in only one perspective.

    ~ Mariella.

  3. In the movie, Amanda is thrown into crisis, questioning the fundamental premises of her life that the reality she has believed in about how men are, how relationships with others should be, and how her emotions are affecting her work isn't reality at all. As Amanda learns to relax into the experience, she conquers her fears, gains wisdow, and wins the keys to the great secrets ot the ages, all in the most entertaing way. She is then no longer victim of circumstances, but she is on the way to being the creative force in her life. Her life changes. This movie tells us that life as we know it is really much more subjective. Also, the answer of questions is our. Movie provides us why life is worth living and how do we recognize it.

  4. Hi Viren, Hyo Jin, and Mariella,

    Thanks so much for your contributions to the discussion about the movie. Very interesting points!


  5. This file really open a new window into my life,If People want to be happy they should to know how to stand in different point of view to think, to observe, then, to get what you want.

  6. What the bleep do we know reminded me of a theory that I had previously stumbled upon, its called the law of attraction. It simply means whatever you put in, you get out of this world. So if you’re a positive person, you attract positivity to your world, and vice versa. This means that by doing things that you love doing, and concentrating on the positive rather than the negative, you will eventually lead a happier healthier lifestyle that will you keep satisfied. We saw in the movie how big the impact of an impact our moods and energies have on our lives. So if we learn to regulate whatever emotion we have and channel it into something positive then it will pay off. If we can all learn how to do that, and just be positive, we all attract nothing less than what we want and live our lives passionately doing what we love to do.