Thursday, 18 April 2013

Additional Perspectives on the Individual

Dear All,

Please write about anything else here that is relevant for our course topic!

I hope you have learned more about yourself - as well as about the world - by thinking about the individual from different perspectives.

Have a wonderful summer!



  1. I learned many interesting topics about ourselves. I consider The Happiness as the most important. It's been very important in my life in rethinking about how to avoid obstacles in life. I was very skeptical about this theory, however, it showed me the way to overcome some obstacles. I encourage you guys to give it a try and I assure you that it won't defraud you. You might ask, where should I start from? I found that "The steps to Happiness" is the easier way to start from. I made a project about it and Professor Gudrun will upload it whether on her website or blog.

  2. Hey Adriano, I look forward to seeing the your project on happiness. I agree that individuals are their most productive when their mental state is in a happy place. Positive energy gives us the ambition to take on more and to be open to change as well as accept when situations don't meet our exceptions. Positive thinking is an important component to maintaining mental heath, and combating stress.

  3. The thing that caught my attention the most in this course was the different perspective on the individual from different religions. I have always learned about Buddhism and Catholicism but listening to the Islamic perspective, like the presentation given by my friend Ismail, was very interesting. I liked that I could open my mind more and see things as they are and as they would be for someone else.


  4. I just would like to say that when I discovered the story of Prometheus recently, I discovered the cultural importance of fire. Before that, man was useless, unable to help himself. I always thought that civilization came from agriculture. But did it come from fire? How did the discovery of fire play into the individual or the collective story of humanity? I mean did fore make us more socially prone to interact with each other or make us more individualistic?

  5. This course was an eye opener into those areas that always existed but was never thought of. Indeed, life is so much more than what it appears externally. I now think of things on a bigger picture. I just feel that the perspectives of the individual from different religious views should be a prominent part of the course. We all come from diverse cultures and religion is something all of us have grown up with, hence it is an interesting issue for all of us.