Thursday, 18 April 2013

Creative Perspectives on the Individual - Part 3: Mirrors

Please look into a mirror. Don't just look at your outward you but try to see deeper. What can you see? Feel free to answer this question in either a personal or creative way.




  1. Inside a dream (Part 1)
    by Guadalupe Rodriguez Arizpe

    Who am really I?
    Where do I belong?
    Is it another dream inside my head?
    Or is really it that I deserve?

    I spent so long time
    watching to pass the time
    I saw so much gone time
    but today it´s time to don´t give in

    And today I can realize
    I lived in a dream for so long time
    feeding up of other people’s feelings
    but today is time to break
    this mirror and see the world
    through my own eyes...

  2. I do not think we have to look in the mirror to see who we are. I think we will never know who we really are. People alway change there mind about thing. And we should not be scare to do what ever we think it right for us.

  3. I think in some cases, a mirror just represents another person inside us. Normally, what we see in the mirror is just our appearance. But for some reasons, when people look at a mirror, they might have different emotions. For example, they might be scared, sad, confident, happy,... or so. It doesn't means the mirror has any miracle. But it's more like the voices inside everybody. A mirror is just a tool people use to convince themselves about something. That's just my opinion :D

  4. Looking into a mirror shows our outer layer of ourselves. At the beginning, we look ourselves as a product of our personal care. However, if I look deeper, I'd meet myself in another dimension. I mean, suddenly I started to think of what I've done in the past and what expect about the future. It helped me to set goals and to do my best to get them. I believe I'm in the correct way because I use what I learned from the past to build my future avoiding repeating the same mistakes. I've got projects and I'm going for them.

  5. I think looking in the mirror can be used as a tool. Most people look in the mirror at least once a day. This activity can be used to show appreciation for your outer appearance and what makes you unique. Celebrate these differences and embrace what makes you stand out or blend in.

  6. I look into a mirror, i see that my face is familiar as well as unfamiliar. I deliberately show my smile and anger in the mirror because I try to see how my looks in others' eyes. I want to see myself from other people's angle.

  7. When I look into the mirror, the first thing I concentrate in is my eyes. When I see into my eyes, I don’t see myself, I see somebody else. I see my past and my future. I get to know some parts of me that are still unknown and that I am trying to discovered. I see a past that is present and that is growing, like a previous life that I have lived before. A mystery represented in the strength of my eyes that shows every emotion and part of me.

  8. Whenever I have to make an important decision or I'm not sure what to do, I often look at myself in a big mirror for a while. I was trying to understand what I see and feel from that face, that eyes. The mirror somehow reflects everything about us, even the emotion that we don't really know. Sometime, looking at a mirror makes me a little bit scare, " a strange face" is looking me in the eyes and trying to say something. I think that " thing" is the answer for all my problems which is already there deep inside my heart, but I still have to find it myself...

  9. I think when you look at yourself in the mirror it's the same thing as when someone else sees you for the first time. You are seeing someone's physical self, yet there is so much more to a person. I tried this myself, looking in the mirror. But there is a difference between seeing and looking. When you look at something you are paying close attention to it. I looked at myself. Did I like what I see? I was grateful for being able to stand there, for being healthy, for having everything I needed (and even more). I see myself and know I have scars on my body that are not visible to everyone else, but are part of me because of all the good and bad things I have gone through.
    Mirrors reminds us of how we look everyday, but we have to remind ourselves how we want to be and what we have done to be at the place we are. We need to make for ourselves mirrors that helps us look at our inner selves.

  10. I share the same feeling that some of you commented. When you look yourself at the mirror but not just look your self for check your vanity if you stop carefully to analyze the shape of your face the dimension of your nose or the texture of your skin you can really appreciate yourself as you are and not wishing the features that someone else have. I believe the real beauty and the only way to enter or touch the soul of the people is looking at the eyes and we can enter to our own soul looking at the mirror and looking carefully in our eyes .

  11. When I look into a mirror, I never like what I see. I am either too fat or too something. I find I cannot change the way I look and I am not a spring chicken anymore. Therefore I should try to accept how I am. But it is hard. Of course there are days where I look fine, feel fine and dress fine. Every once in a while there is a day like that. But they are becoming less and less, and I sometimes find myself ashamed of myself if and when I look in a mirror at myself for too long. The problem is that I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

  12. There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
    --Edith Wharton
    the mirror is not just a reflection of how I look but who I am. Whenever I look at the mirror, I realize who I am and how I am. It makes me think how I represent myself in front of the world and which is why I think I owe something to the world. The mirror reminds me of my actions every time.