Thursday, 18 April 2013

Creative Perspectives on the Individual - Part 1: Archetypes

Archetypes play a role in many myths and epics throughout the world. They are also used in contemporary poetry and fiction - as well as in movies.

Option 1)

Please look at the list of Archetypes that Caroline Myss put together:

Pick two or three archetypes from the list that you find particularly interesting. Think about them - and try to imagine they are real people.

Write a story or a poem - or anything else you wish - in which your chosen archetypes interact with each other and see what happens :)

Option 2)

Read the quotations from Carl Jung's work about archetypes and think about the topic of archetypes in connection with our course topic.

Feel free to do this in a creative way.

Option 3)

Read Northrop Frye's Essay "Archetypal Criticism - Theory of Myths" and discuss its relevance of the self.

Again, you are welcome to use a creative approach!

Option 4)

Find a poem or story or movie or other creative work (art, music, dance, etc) that is based on one (or more than one) particular archetype and tell us more about it!

This is meant to be fun! Please enjoy!


  1. Dreaming awake

    By Adriano Aquino

    A fantasy, a wish, perhaps an illusion,
    you dream while awake,
    I draw, I describe, you invention
    're real, I feel you, I feel you, I miss you,
    really miss you,
    are an ideal,
    You be what I always wanted,
    what ever dreamed?

    We watercolour drawing on my fantasies,
    I describe with my deepest feelings,
    invention to feel you so close to me
    like you're stuck with me,
    in my present ...

    I perceive in each beat,
    as if that was your hug breeze
    and a shy kiss from your lips,
    I feel you, I feel you mine in every sunrise
    you imagine me having shared every night (and night!)
    but missing term,
    at every step, in every look,
    every morning and every morning,
    it has not yet arrived,
    still not the time,
    to hold you in my arms
    to adore you forever ...

  2. By Guadalupe Rodriguez Arizpe

    I chose the archetype: Poet.
    This poet is Paula Rizpeti, a woman which believes in the reincarnation and could remember one of her past lives.

    In that live, she was a princess who was obligated to get marry with an older King from the neighbour kingdom. And although the King was not really a bad man, he could not do that the princess loved him. The princess had all in her life: wealth, lands, jewelry and servants. However she was neither happy nor free, she felt an immense emptiness inside her.

    But one day appeared a new knight who was assigned to protect to the princess and trough the days they fell in love, but they could not live ever that love. However they promised eternal love and now in every life that they have,they keep on searching for each other.

    The next is a poem, written by Paula Rizpeti: "Yo luchare siempre por tí, aun cuando mi corazón deje de latir..."

    Aun cuando mi corazón deje de latir
    No importa que mi cuerpo este herido
    No importa que no estés más a mi lado
    Mi espíritu nunca será quebrantado.

    No importa la distancia ni el tiempo
    En esta era o en otra, nos volveremos a encontrar
    Yo seré siempre para ti
    Y tu vivirás siempre en mí.

    Porque yo luchare hasta el fin por ti
    aun cuando mi corazón deje de latir.

  3. By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Arizpe

    “I will always fight for you
    Even though my heart stops beating”

    I will always fight for you
    Even though my heart stops beating
    I don’t mind that my body is hurt
    It doesn’t matter that you aren’t with me anymore.

    I don’t care neither the distance nor the time
    Because we will meet again in this age or another
    I will always be for you
    And you will always live in me.

    Because I will always fight for you until the end
    Even though my heart stops beating.